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Our Lowest Price Guarantee

We have designed our website so that you can find prices and even order or book your event by requesting a quote online.

By requesting a quote you are not obligated in any way.

You will receive an automated reply that calculates our published best price for your attraction.

It isn’t possible for us to calculate this information and provide you with an accurate quote from just your phone call.

Please don’t call for prices. Your automated quote calculates the distance our crew travels to deliver, set up and, return to take down and clean your attraction.

This information is needed to calculate our cost to deliver to you, pay our experienced crews to set it up and come back when your event has ended to remove your attraction.

Our inflatables weigh between 250 and 1,500 pounds. It is NOT possible for you to pick them up, handle or return them in proper condition.

Some companies may allow you to pick up their inflatables, however, those units you will find will be of inferior quality and condition.

We know that customers can’t care for them the way our team members do.

After we have all the details from your automated request, you can request a call from us (and/or email if you prefer) to answer any questions or apply any additional discounts that may not appear on your automated reply.

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